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Materiales a Granel Transporte de material para construcción.

  • Cemento.
  • Arena.
  • Grava.
  • Sello.
  • Sub-base.
  • Piedra cimentación.

Carga Especializada Transporte de todo tipo de maquinaria pesada.

  • Plantas de Concreto
  • Equipo Fuera de Carretera
  • Cargadores Frontales
  • Retroexcavadoras
  • Motoconformadoras

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New model units equipped with air suspension and GPS system.

Certified mechanical workshop, guaranteeing the physical-mechanical conditions of all our units.

Monitoring center that operates 24/7 365 days a year, which ensuring integrity, security and punctuality at all times.

Fuel loading station that streamlines the loading process.

Washing center that ensures the good image of our team and our customers.

Emergency attention area to solve mechanical and operational problems on roads and highways nationwide.

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